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Most of our range of products are designed and crafted by great artisans in Italy.

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“E&D is colourful and precious!”

Etiquette & Decorum

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Dive into our selection of patterns and colours blended with our love for white.

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Etiquette & Decorum


In casa non siamo molto per i colori, ma il bello di E&D è che la selezione dei prodotti sono perfetti per tutti gli ambienti.


Etiquette & Decorum


Inherited plates from my parents’ family, had nothing to match them with until E&D. Classic and modern and easy to use. Merci!


Etiquette & Decorum


Little gifts and little details, all-in-one. From the gift to the card, to the paper it came wrapped in. Easy, simple, colourful and gorgeous.


Etiquette & Decorum

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Gift giving and gift wrapping
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