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Kathleen Jones founded Etiquette & Decorum with a vision to provide “à la carte” and bespoke personal and professional soft skills development programs based on Finishing School topics, with a fun and modern touch to them.

Inspired by one of her favourite mottos – “Happiness is a decision” – Kathleen then decided to add on to her vision a little range of products based on her love for colour and “gracious entertaining”.

The “Art of Living” for Kathleen is simply the appreciation of all the little moments that form our day. It’s the idea of living “well” – which as she once said, “has nothing to do with money or status, rather with education, kindness, empathy, awareness, intelligence… and good taste”!

Kathleen’s concept is to keep things good and simple but pretty too!

Because another of her favourite mottos is “Colour makes us happy”, the range of products offered by Etiquette & Decorum is both colourful and jolly.

Etiquette & Decorum

About our collection

Our products originate from Kathleen’s love for colour and from her mother’s passion for flowers, which she passed on to her through the years. Marrying colours and mixing and matching items is something we love doing at Etiquette & Decorum. Our collections are proudly made in Italy.

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